What is this about?

TL:DR  My life is changing. The current “you’re smart you should be in physics!” is not working anymore. Follow me in a path of change as I discuss daily troubles as seen trough my eyes. I’m aware I see life through a different lens so I hope you can find it enjoying to perceive my reality with a whole different set of internal values and rationality. 😀

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Recently, I gave up on my physics course. It wasn’t where I wanted to be, it wasn’t giving me satisfaction. I initially enrolled due to pressure from family and friends, and even tough I like the subject I can’t really see myself doing that for the rest of my life. So, at 21, I’m changing to management and economics. I do have a dream related to that area. I dream about being the CEO of a company and prove that you don’t have to mistreat your employees to have profit. I want to have a great team and help them in any way I can to achieve our goals. I want to have something meaningful and I can fight for and be happy with. I want to create the best work environment there is.

Management today is flawed, it’s and incomplete subject with little to no scientific background. I also wanted to help out with that. I do have some experience with science so I was hoping I could create a new system to management that relies on data and mathematical deductions and not just what it is today, a random assortment of tools no one really uses.

Of course, as being gifted implies, my views on these subjects and the world itself may be different from what you think, as I tend to see things in a perspective that I feel no one in my friend group does. I hope I can bring some clarity on what being gifted means, what it implies and what should be done for children in the same situations. I’m not, by any means, saying we are better than everybody else. In fact I’m saying we need as much help as a child with an attention disorder, for example. I wish I can clarify this point as I feel society does not deal very well with gifted children.

So that’s what this blog is about and I hope you all enjoy it!


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