The state of things

Today is the is new blog day. I’m still waiting for the results of my exams, but i’m pretty sure I got in the college I wanted. I need to wait till the 13th to know for sure.

But before that, another challenge arises. I was invited to a camping trip with friends. I really want to go, but I can sense the trouble it will be to explain some of my unusual habits.

I have a really weird diet. Its a combination between Keto and Paleo, but doesn’t really fit in any of those categories. I eat no carbs except fruit. Keto with fruit or Paleo with yogurt and cheese, I know, weird. I was a hardcore keto girl for exactly 2 months, I did loose some weight, but I missed fruit so much I had to eat it again. And it’s fruit, so can’t really tell me its unhealthy. I know it totally messes up the logic behind keto and paleo diets, but I do like it and I’m comfortable with it. For me that’s enough.

Another problem will probably be the fact that I don’t like going to the beach for extended periods of time. Don’t get me wrong, beach is great if you go like 2 hours at 4 o’clock. But it’s not fun having to stay 6 hours under strong sun, watching my skin wither away. Since everybody here wants to do that (and without sunscreen, wtf???) i’m going to have to endure it or just be antisocial. Needless to say, my sunscreen is ready. (in the meantime, here is an interesting article about sunscreen reapplication)

I have a problem with having to justify my choices to other people and for that matter, explaining what I think is right. I try to be as rational as I can, but I’ve come to realize its more of a social thing, you just got to seem really confident and people will think its great. If you are somewhat socially awkward, like me, then you have a real problem, and I always feel that I wasn’t able to convince people and they just think I’m childish or silly. It hurts me because I feel it all makes so much sense and it’s hard to see the look of disbelief in their faces.

But otherwise, its going to be a good distraction from my anxiety about grades and new college and whatnot.

The state of things